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If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it’s probably due to a food intolerance.  Taking the test will give you certainty.  An Independent Customer Survey conducted by Allergy UK (2007), carried out on 5,286 people shows the results.

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4 different tests:

Lorisian offers 4 tests that offer different numbers of ingredients tested:

  • Lorisian | 75 – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 75 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 100 – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 100 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 150plus – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients
  • Lorisian 150plus | IBS Support – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients and provides a personalised list of low FODMAP foods50 plus Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to more than 150 food ingredients

You can download a full list of ingredients tested in each test here.


Taking the food intolerance test at ColoncareWe take some blood using a simple finger prick method.  Your sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis.  Results are usually received within 10 days.  A follow-up appointment is arranged during which we discuss your results.

case studies

Have a look at these case studies:

Weight loss female

Weight loss male

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