Special Offers

Kay has specialised in Colonics and Food Intolerance full time for 13 years since January 2005. Kay only performs Colonics and food intolerance testing using blood analysis and has gained a wealth of experience in this field.

If Kay is in treatment when you call and you would like some reassurance, please leave a message on the voice-mail or with reception and she will happily return your call and put you at ease.

3 Colonics £63 each (£189, valid for 6 months)

1 Colonic £70.

Book in with a friend and receive both treatments for £65 each!

All treatments include enema herbs to cleanse the liver along with dietary information and advice. Feel free to bring along a food diary.

Book on-line now using the top right green tab!

Lorisan Food Intolerance Testing:

  • Intolerance Test 150 ideal weight- £325
  • Intolerance Test IBS –£325
  • Intolerance Test Nordic Diet –£315
  • Intolerance Test Asian Diet- £315
  • Intolerance Test Modern Living Diet- £315
  • Intolerance Test 150-£299
  • Intolerance Test 100 Foods -£199
  • Intolerance Test 75 Foods –£149

Call and register on our database to receive a £5 off Colonic Gift Voucher for your Birthday too. This can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.


When you recommend a friend for a colonic we will also email you another £5 Gift Voucher to redeem off your next treatment.This can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

For More Information Please Call 0121 386-5555