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Do you have a healthcare policy with any company’s such as Health Shield or Westfield Healthcare? If so did you know you can claim money back off your policy for food intolerance testing and colonics? I’m a member and registered with the GRCCT and CNHC which are the prerequisites to enable a claim to be made. The receipts with VAT numbers and address etc are emailed and printed at point of sale for a seemless claim. 

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it’s probably due to a food intolerance.  Taking the test will give you certainty.  An Independent Customer Survey conducted by Allergy UK (2007), carried out on 5,286 people shows the results.

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Lorisian offers 8 tests that offer different numbers of ingredients tested:

  • Lorisian | 100 – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 100 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 150plus – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 150plus – IBS Support – Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients and provides a personalised list of low FODMAP foods
  • Lorisan  | 150 plus -Ideal Weight Support- Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to more than 150 common food ingredients and provides a low GI plan.
  • Lorisian | 200 plus -This tests for IgG antibody reactions to 208 food and drink ingredients.
  • Lorisan  | Modern Living – Analyse your reaction to 160 of the most prominent ingredients enjoyed by health conscious individuals who wish to optimise their diet.
  • Lorisan  | Asian Diet -Analyse your reaction to 162 of the most common ingredients found in the Asian diet.
  • Lorisan  | Nordic Diet -Analyse your reactions to 160 of the most common ingredients found in the Nordic diet.

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Blood analysis is 100% reliable. Trying to guess which foods cause issues and trying to eliminate foods one by one can be time consuming and restrictive. Intolerances to foods can also take uto 72 hours after eating before a reaction is experienced. This can also make it almost impossible to work out which foods cause reations if there are multiple intolerances present. If a test result is negative a partial refund is also given back.

We can only test foods that have been eaten 6 weeks before we take a sample of blood. We strongly urge that clients ensure they eat a varied diet before taking the test.

For example..

If the test shows a dairy intolerance (cows milk), this will mean that the client will need to avoid ALL diary for 12 weeks. Goats cheese and Feta cheese (sheeps milk) are two good alternatives to cows milk cheese. However, if the client has not eaten goat or sheeps milk in the 6 weeks prior to the test, then we will not know if these two alternatives will cause a similar reaction.

We recommend that clients print off the food lists and tick off the foods they have eaten so that they can ensure they have covered as many foods as they like and wish to test/eat.

The tests are very reliable and sensitive which means that you only need to eat a mouthful or two of any food or drink. i.e. a couple of sips of wine or a bite or two of bread etc.

We strongly do NOT urge clients to eat foods that they know they have severe allergy too i.e. peanut allergies etc..

We are only testing the bodys response to the protein in foods. 

If you have had a negative Lactose Test with the GP, it can still be possible you may have a positive test result with here. This is because we are measuring the bodys response to the protein in milk, whereas the GP is testing the bodys response to the sugar in milk. This also means that if you have a known Lactose Allergy you may have a negative test result with Lorisian as your body is allergic to the sugar not the protein in mik. 

Once you are satisfied that you have eaten all the foods you would like to test for (in the 6 week window), we simply take some blood using a simple finger prick method.  Your sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis.  

Results are usually received within 10 days.  A follow-up appointment is arranged during which we discuss your results and go through the support handbook which is provided too. At any point after you have received your test results please feel free to call Kay if you require futher advice and support on eliminating/substituting foods. We are here to support you during your transistion as we understand how challenging it can be in the early days when food groups are removed. These tests can be life changing for people and many experience further benefits too such as increased in energy levels and weight loss which boosts confidence aswell! 

Book now and get to the root cause of your symptoms.

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