“I’m extremely pleased with the test and only wish I’d known about it years ago… ”

Before deciding to take a deeper look her diet with a Lorisian Food Intolerance test, Katie (26) had been suffering with severe digestive discomfort, the symptoms of which had been effecting her since her late teens.

“My symptoms were completely erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes it was indigestion or dyspepsia, where I would get an acidic burning sensation in my stomach. Other times, a sharp pain would start under my ribs and quickly move to my sides and back.“

Although she had been living with recurring bouts of poor digestive health since she was a teenager, she was beginning to notice that they were getting
increasingly severe.

“Just over a year ago, I suddenly began to swell up to the point where I looked about 3 months pregnant. I could hardly fit into my clothes and had to keep wearing expandable clothes like leggings and jogging bottoms. My abdomen was so distended it was difficult to breathe…“

Struggling to manage her condition, and with no indication of what might be causing her digestive discomfort, Katie felt overwhelmed and self-conscious. Not knowing when to expect a flare up, her social life suffered as a result.

“I declined a lot of social invitations, especially where eating out was concerned and always went home early so I could be near my own bathroom if I needed it…I suffered from bouts of depression and feeling low, became quite anti-social or anxious within social situations.“

“There were so many times I had to get through a day of work in pure agony. When the swelling started up, it affected my training programme because I couldn’t complete normal exercises without feeling exhausted or out of breath.”

Over the years, Katie had visited several GPs in attempt to get to the bottom of her condition without success. Making do with painkillers and anti-acid tablets, Katie had accepted her condition as a way of life until her personal trainer recommended a food intolerance test.

When she received the results of the simple finger prick blood test, Katie
discovered a list of foods she had been experiencing a reaction to, some of which she was not expecting.

“I’m intolerant to cow’s milk, yeast, egg whites, egg yolk, tuna, peanut, cashew, and had a borderline reaction to gluten. The dairy didn’t surprise me at all; I had expected this, but tuna and cashew were a complete surprise…The irony was for years my daily diet had consisted of milk, bread, cheese, yoghurts, egg and tuna, because I thought I was giving myself a healthy diet.

Determined to establish whether avoiding these foods could make a difference,
Katie began to replace her trigger foods with nutritious alternatives. It didn’t take long for her to notice a benefit.

“Within a few weeks, I started to feel an enormous difference. I could eat a meal without feeling bloated afterwards. I lost a bit of weight, I had more energy, and my mental well-being was much improved. Overall I was happier and far less stressed.“

Since taking the test and making the changes to her diet, Katie has seen big improvements to her wellbeing. No longer suffering with her debilitating symptoms, she is now fully able to enjoy her life, feeling that she has regained control over her diet and health.

“I’m extremely pleased with the test and only wish I’d known about it years ago… The biggest change is not being in pain or severe discomfort all the time. I suffer a great deal less than I use to which means I’m not worrying every time I have a meal or a bite to eat, and I can get on with my life”