what happens during a colonic?

Yes. The water is only introduced at a very low gravitational pressure and at body temperature. Kay Brown is fully trained and qualified by ARCH the Colonic Association and has over ten years full time experience in specialising in Colonic Irrigation. She carries out a thorough Client Questionnaire which covers all contraindications and reasons for considering a colonic. All the equipment at ColonCare is fully disposable and the premises are cleaned and maintained to an exceptional level. Colonic Hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxatives is not habit forming & actually exercises the colon improving the tone of the muscle walls. Many people are concerned about flushing away the good bacteria during a colonic. After all the impacted old waste has been eliminated it then provides a more favourable environment for the good bacteria to flourish. If required Acidophilus (good bacteria) of various strengths can be purchased on the day if recommended. We strongly advise all antibiotic courses are followed up with Acidophilus as antibiotics kill all good and bad bacteria. u00a0After antibiotics the bad bacteria thrive quicker than the good bacteria causing a bacterial imbalance, this if untreated may lead to thrush and candida.

Please don’t hesitate to ring and ask Kay to return your call to answer any questions and help put your mind at ease

Your first visit to our registered colonic therapist at Colon Care will take approximately 75 minutes; all subsequent treatments take approximately 60 minutes. In the days leading to your Colonic appointment we strongly recommend that you drink at least two and a half litres of water each day which will ensure u00a0you optimum results. During the first appointment a full medical case history is recorded. Your reasons for seeking a treatment & any problem areas are also identified. We also offer complimentary dietary advice and recommendations to support a healthier lifestyle. We strongly advise clients to bring in a food diary’s to enable an accurate evaluation of general eating habits. u00a0Patients are sent to a private toilet to empty their bladder & remove clothing from the waist down, a large towel is provided to preserve your modesty. Patients lie on their left side on the couch initially to enable the insertion of a disposable speculum two inches into the rectum (not all therapists use disposable equipment). This is not a painful process & should not be uncomfortable. Two disposable hoses are then attached to the speculum, one for the incoming filtered water, the other for the elimination of faecal waste. Warm purified water flows slowly into the bowel via the rectum very under low gravitational pressure. After approximately ten minutes the client lies on their back where they will be able to view all the release water & faecal waste. During the treatment you will feel the water entering the colon, together with a sensation of ‘butterflies’ when material is passed. This eliminates & evacuates old accumulated faecal matter, gases, mucus, dead skin cells & parasites left in the intestinal folds. During your treatment natural herbs or epsom salts included and are always used in the water to help relax, cleanse & soak the colon and liver. The whole system (equipment) is totally enclosed, so nothing noxious can escape into the treatment room. The water exercises & tones the bowel, allowing it to function more effectively & regularly-especially beneficial for sluggish bowels

No fasting or special measures are necessary prior to your treatments. Patients have a more effective treatment when they drink the recommended 2.5 litres (5 pints) of water per day in the days leading up to their appointment. We recommend increasing your water so that the faeces is softer and easier to pass through the tube, this is essential for constipated bowels with large, hard impacted stools. We also recommend clients reduce the amount of processed foods consumed and stay clear of fermentable foods which create excess gas such as brussel sprouts and baked beans. Feel free to start a food diary and bring it along with you, this makes it much easier for Kay to get an accurate idea of what you consume daily and give recommendations . If there is any doubt about the treatment we will ask you to obtain permission from your G.P. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask for no obligation advice.

For any further information please donu2019t hesitate to call.

At the end of the treatment the client visits the toilet again & gets dressed. At Colon Care, we give recommendations & advice on how to improve your well-being, based on the information imparted throughout the treatment. We may advise beneficial dietary changes to further enhance future treatments & lifestyle. Following the treatment, you can carry on as normal. In fact, many people pop in during their lunch hour for a treatment. Following the initial treatment some clients may require a follow up treatment, or course may be recommended after a period of one to two weeks. This may be recommended for several reasons such as; lots of mucus in the release water or if it was not possible to clear the whole 5ft of colon in one treatment. Clients may be asked to alter their lifestyle such as improve fluid intake or increase fibre in their diet between appointments. If you are a healthy individual, eat few processed foods & drink at least 2 litres of water daily, it is unlikely you will need a course of colonics after your initial treatment